KEYES control board MKS Gen V1.2

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MKS Gen is a feature rich, all-in-one electronics solution for RepRap 3D printers and other CNC devices.

It features an on-board Microchip ATMEGA2560 microcontroller.

The motor outputs are powered by Pololu pin-compatible stepper motor drivers.

The board features a developer-friendly expansion port providing access to the same ports as RAMPS 1.4.

MKS Gen is designed to be used with power supplies ranging from 12V to 24V.

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– Arduino MEGA compatible: ATMEGA2560 microcontroller and  FT232 USB-UART bridge, compatible with all RAMPS class firmware

– Firmware can use the same configurations as RAMPS 1.4

– Easy DISPLAY + SD-CARD connector, RepRap Discount SmartController compatible pin header on board

– All extra pins are broken out in a fashion similar to RAMPS 1.4 (AUX-1, AUX-2, AUX-3, Servos1)

– 3x Connectors wired to the ADC for temperature control using analog sensors (thermistors)

– Up to 5 motor drivers with easy micro stepping setup (configurable via jumpers)

– 4x PWM capable power-mosfet outputs (Heated Bed, Extruder 1, Extruder 2, Fans)

– 4 Layers PCB to optimize heat dissipation.

– 6x End-stop connectors (X-min / X-max / Y-min / Y-max / Z-min / Z-max) with dedicated lines for +5V, GND and Signal (with on-board pull-up and current limit)

– Headers with several +5V-GND pairs and +24V(or +12V)-GND pairs

– On-board reset-able fuse for short-circuit protection.

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