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PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid) made by Mitsubishi Chemicals Performance Polymersis a biopolymer obtained from the starch of plants such as corn, is biodegradable under proper conditions and has really low environmental impact.
PLA is one of the most commonly used materials in 3D printing today. It’s easy to use and provides great surface finish and print quality.

Ø Diameter = 1.75 mm

There is a new version of BEESOFT with new profiles optimized for this filament.
If you own a BEETHEFIRST, BEETHEFIRST+ or BEEINSCHOOL 3D printer, download the NEW BEESOFT version here
If you own a B2X300, here are the Cura Profiles for this filament.

PLA MCPP AluminiumPLA MCPP AluminiumPLA MCPP Bright Red OrangePLA MCPP Bright Red OrangePLA MCPP Iron GreyPLA MCPP Iron GreyPLA MCPP Leaf GreenPLA MCPP Leaf GreenPLA MCPP MagentaPLA MCPP MagentaPLA MCPP Pearl GoldPLA MCPP Pearl GoldPLA MCPP Signal WhitePLA MCPP Signal WhitePLA MCPP Sky BluePLA MCPP Sky BluePLA MCPP Traffic BlackPLA MCPP Traffic BlackPLA MCPP Traffic RedPLA MCPP Traffic RedPLA MCPP TransparentPLA MCPP TransparentPLA MCPP Ultramarine BluePLA MCPP Ultramarine BluePLA MCPP Zinc YellowPLA MCPP Zinc Yellow
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Very easy to print
Less warping than other 3D printing materials
Does not require a heated bed
Broad range of vivid colors available



Broad range of printing applications
Best “standard” material for home and office 3D Printing of decorative objects
Detailed Objects
Quick and easy prototying
Moldable with hot water (+60ºC)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 7.5 cm


Download here



Due to its low tendency to warp, PLA can also be printed without a heated bed.
Heated bed recommended temp. is 35-60ºC.

External Spool Holders

All spool holders may be printed in PLA filament.
Click on image to download files.

B2X300 External Spool Holder

BEEINSCHOOL External Spool Holder

BEETHEFIRST+ External Spool Holder

How to install external spool holder on BEETHEFIRST+ and BEEINSCHOOL

Note: Spool design has been updated